Hello guys i’m yems from milan, i’ve been painting for 12 years, born in peru but raised in italy i’ve always absorbed the european style as a basis but i’ve always studied what i like as graffiti, suitable for what seems right to me to be able to literally give that taste more, but it often depends on the conditions you find yourself in to develop your own style, I specify that I don’t seem to have one since I have the mentality to do a little bit of everything, let’s say I’m complete as it should be, give character, bombings, trains, things I’ve been focusing on lately, I won’t name writers I like for the simple reason that there are so many, in every continent and country there is always someone who rocks, but I was lucky enough to know and paint with many of my ‘Idols’ from CES (NY) DOES (BR) Wany (IT) to those you still paint with in Milan, who don’t joke, it’s always nice to travel and get to know other realities different from yours, it changes your life and mentality you can move forward if that’s what you want to do, thanks for the space, bye and no sleep!

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