Zaeos – I’ve been painting since Krylon was the premium brand, so a longer time than I care to quantify?. I grew up in Riverside CA, moved to Oregon in my teens, and to Seattle later in life and I’m currently based out of LA, working at Ilan Dei studio in Venice. Some of my influences come from my background as a dimensional and graphic designer, my interest in sign painting, and some close friends: Kango, They Drift, Ksra, Mes, Haste, Gus, Kevin Drake… and a ton more ( you know who you are ). You can also sprinkle in a bunch of other common graffiti greats… I have a depth of people I admire and take influence from.

Currently, I’m focusing a lot on portrait work at a scale that is challenging for spray paint, this in an attempt to sharpen my skills, but I still love doing some straight letter fonts and letter work, mixing in illustrations and flora/fauna.

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