ZAOES – I have a background in graff, graphic, and 3-dimensional design as well as illustration and fine art. My work focuses a lot on composition and collaging a mixture of op-art, abstract organic forms, graphic elements and letters, with opposing hard lines and realism to create compelling peices on both large and small scales. Recently I’ve been really into 3D abstract letter forms and realistic material rendering, and I’m working to cross over my design skills with my painting skills.

I grew up in Southern California, I’ve been in Seattle for the last 6 years and Portland before that. Currently, I’m back and forth between LA and Seattle.

One of my biggest influences coming up was Joker BA Transcend. He developed a whole new way of looking at letters, and graff in general, and that really stuck with me. The idea that you didn’t have to stick to traditional, handed-down styles blew my mind. Besides that he’s a rad dude. Other influences come from my crewmate Kango TFL and UNR. He’s always pushed me to elevate my style and techniques…. and is consistently dropping the heat. Some other notable mentions Gus Cutty, Kujo, They Drift, Ksra, Dime, Zoer… I got more hahaha

I really take influences from so many things, and really enjoy bouncing between different subject matters, styles and techniques. My main goal is to continue learning and avoid becoming stale…. While this has the benefit of staying interesting to me, it does come with some drawbacks like recognition…. From a branding perspective, I’m often worried that when someone looks at my work they may not recognize the artist because it’s not the same shapes. subjects or letters but in different colors…

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