Howzit, I’m Zoink and I’ve been writing for the past 18 years. I am from the Aloha State of Hawai’i but I am currently based in Australia. In Hawai’i there aren’t any trains, so growing up I would see graffiti on the highways and streets when going to and from school. I thought it was incredible and tried scribbling what I thought looked like it on paper. Before you know it, I was drawing it all the time, trying my best to learn what I could. I remember looking at stuff from Creatures crew a lot, filling countless pages with intricate drawings. That slowly led to giving some sprays a try and the rest is history. At my peak, I was in the streets most nights, and in the day I was tryna work on getting my burners right. As I got more into it, I started to realize that on my very own island there were some amazing writers and they quickly became my idols.

I wanted to use this feature as an opportunity to shine some light on a part of the world that doesn’t get a lot of recognition graff wise. Hawai’i has an incredible scene that a lot of people don’t know about. There’s a good amount of street work going up all the time and lots of masterpieces in gutters and forgotten places. There’s no such thing as a legal wall, but yet the quality that comes out is still high. So many people influenced me growing up but the ones that still stick out in my mind today from Hawaii are Katch1 from NASA Crew. Soker, Float, Anek, Awake, Maek, Tonk, Phyto, Ketol, Wobel, Melon, Anemal (RIP), Faro, Yupso from the Aloha Family (AF). Mean, Bies, Look, Haboh from Evil Villainz (EV). Atak, Areo, Jrunc from TE/Aloha State Kings (ASK). Bogus, Asen, Klash, Sear from DE. Twosa. Destro. TAKS WL, although he was never happy with me pulling influence from him, he had a big impact on me.
To me, there are so many great writers from Hawai’i but my kings will always be (in no particular order) Katch, Asalt, Oera, Soker, Float, Maek, Melon, Phyto, Tonk, Mean, Bies, Slang, Slick, East3, Prime, Estria.
Shout out to those still active today who also play a vital role in the Hawai’i scene or some now in other scenes, that I haven’t mentioned yet like Devour, Gravity, Garydrawsfish, Cows, Maui, Clito, Jenso, Ject, Giroe, Sert, Aztek, Extra, Lucky, Bags, Soba, Grace, Swerv, Shaka, Haloe, Henka, Peon, Cme, UnoMas, Budis, Roeck, Quest, Robsy, Krazy, Retsy, Katoe, Rakz, Ahym, Salute, Suer, Irony, San, Taks, Bens, King157, Sento, Bays, Afek, Fatoe, Konks, Ninja, Micah Hawaii, Said. RIP Reka Paco Aneml
People who have had the most influence on me from out of Hawai’i are Kemr, Revok, Augor, Trav, Omens, Witnes, Sofles, Askew, Wand, Dmote, Pear, Druid
Thanks, Bombing Science for having me! Aloha, Peace, and nothing but Love to all no matter if you like me or not!

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