My name is ZOTA and I represent the Funkie Freaks crew. I grew up and raised in Xanthi city, a small city in northern Greece.

I started in 2000, messing around as a kid in different neighborhoods around the city, doing tags, bombs, and having fun with my friends. At this time we did not care so much about style but only about actions.

As the years passed, I began to discover that it was something bigger behind this funny, hood to hood thing. It was a lifestyle, a whole community, a code to express yourself, and to represent your crew. In 2003 we created the Funkie Freaks crew with my brothers Ezion, Sipe, and Rome. They were and they are a family for me. So we started our journey through graff. Each one of us was trying to develop his own style.

I would say that my style is an easy to read style, with smart connections in which I try to keep the basic form of every letter but with style! Style is everything!

The writer that I admire most is Felipe Pantone.

One love to my amazing girl and all of my street cats out there!

Stay strong!

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