Bombing Science:  Introduce yourself… what do you write and where are you from.

Asie: Hello my name is Asie; I’m from Quilpué, Chile.

Bsci:   I’m not familiar with the Chilean graffiti scene… can you give us some background about your local scene? When it all started and what are Chilean graffiti main influences?

Asie: Of course. The graffiti in Chile began more than 20 years ago in Santiago (the capital of Chile). Then it expanded throughout the country. The first influences come from the muralist trend, which is a tradition in our country, with groups such as the Brigada Ramona Parra. The graffiti was fed with the styles and cultures from South America. The graffiti scene in Brazil was also an important influence, with the visit of some artists like Os Gemeos in the 90’s. Currently there are many outstanding writers in Chile like Cekis, Basco, Vazko and the Stgounder crew.

Bsci:   So what was your first contact with graffiti? What made you become a graffiti writer?

Asie:  My first contact with graffiti was when I went to see a friend painting 10 years ago. I didn’t know at first what he was doing. From there I began to bomb and soon after paint more elaborate pieces on walls.

Bsci:  And do you think graffiti had a positive impact on your life or the opposite…

Asie:  Absolutely a positive impact. It has helped me in my personal development, getting to know people who are in the same culture, sharing different experiences.  Because of graffiti, I am also a graphic designer now. It’s a lifestyle.

Bsci:   What kind of perception people in your city have on graffiti. Is it tolerated or not at all? Is it difficult to get walls to paint?

Asie:  In my city there are many misconceptions about graffiti, I always have many problems when I go to paint walls, because the graffiti is directly related to tags, which abound in my city. Maybe they think that I’ll fill the wall with tags…

When people see the result, they change their mind about graffiti, in a very positive way.

Bsci:   What are your main influences, inside and outside graffiti?

Asie:  My influences are the new graph trends, with research for new textures, effects, color mixing in my environment. And improvisation in general.

Within the graffiti, I like the Chilian graffiti scene and the styles that are developed here. Abroad I like the people from MSK, especially Roid.

Bsci:   All graffiti writers have some interesting stories to tell… do you have one you would like to share?

Asie:  Once I was painting in a central location of the city and the writers and I was going over came with a group of friends to defend their turf. A few minutes later the guy who was aggressive at first offered me to join his crew after seeing what I painted…  (Of course I did not accept, it’s not my vision of crew)

Bsci:   Thanks Asie for the interview! Anything you would like to add?

Asie:  I would like to say that the graffiti in Chile is very good, that sooner or later will be known worldwide. We only need more support from the brands that are sponsoring local graffiti artists. Being away of all, it is difficult to get paint supplies. And if we finally get supplies, we always run out really fast…