I’m Caso3 and I’m a graffiti writer from Panama, Central America and all the photos you see below are from my trip to Miami. I get inspired by seeing my name everywhere and even more in places where I have been for the first time. The graffiti scene in Panama started in 2000. I started painting in 2002 and when it started there was no internet, no videos on youtube, no good pieces, or many colors. I learned to paint with what there was and I didn’t have a reference from other graffiti artists, from whom I could appreciate their evolution, I only had mine and for this reason, I could create my own style, with the websites that existed at the time, like art crimes or some graffiti magazine that someone brought back from a trip.

Arriving in the United States was a bit hard at first since I am used to painting with everyone, especially when a foreigner comes to my country because it is always an honor to meet a colleague from abroad and learning new things, making connections and good friendships in Miami it was the opposite for having a culture of crews and therefore if they do not know you, you do not paint with anyone and you have to paint alone or cover what you painted because you painted a spot that was not yours. I understand that there is a lot of Beef and there are also people who are bad and you can’t trust anyone you don’t know.

I personally respect the work of others and if there is space left over, I can adapt to it without having to cover anyone. You have to respect so that others respect you and I would not like that any foreigner came to my territory to cover me. In Miami, I painted alone in the beginning and then I got to paint other spots with WH crew, who I thank for the spots they shared with me.
I was painting in Wynwood and went a little towards the south.
My respect goes to all the true Miami graffiti writers, who won’t let real graffiti die!


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