My name is Daste, I’m from Italy, I’m doing my way of graffiti from 2016. My crew is CALI a recruiting crew of BAMC from Los Angeles. My style is based on tattoo letters like, blackletters, gothic, fraktur, mixed with chicano’ style. I like to mix them, and change the way I paint and make the letters. Most definitely my favorites writers are Acroe, Phosl, Buge, Ques, Solve, Buster, Blunt, Warios, Sauter, BrainMash crew. All of them have different styles and are especially different from mine. Proud to can paint with someone of them, and can be part of the same crew. My style is trying to be cleaner and fast as possible, and sharp my technique. If I paint without progress, I’m not doing right. In 10 or 20 years I want to look back, and can say “I did my way” and my dream is paint around the 7 seas. Always trying to get better then the last wall.

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