Bombing Science: Hey Eaz, what’s up? How is it to be on the West Coast now?

Eaz: I really love it! The weather is something I was only exposed to while I lived in Tucson for a few years. Just hustling and getting things done out here. I am only linking up with a limited few. If you remotely fronted on me you get the axe. Like I have said before, I’m not a social butterfly.
BS: Are you still painting a lot of walls these days?
Eaz: I would not say a lot. I prefer quality over quantity. I have a ton to do on a daily basis lately so painting a lot is not in my schedule. Maybe in a few weeks I will have a moment to breathe! Releasing this new DVD is more stressful than it seems. I like to blue-print my walls and execute the various elements as pre-planned as possible. I am strictly speaking on walls I do on my own.

BS: We were really excited to hear you have been cooking up this new DVD, the second release of The Future of Graffiti : Wild Style Lettering. Give us some juicy details.
Eaz: I am really excited about this release. I do not think anything like this has ever been done before in the attempt to spark advancement or inspiration in this graffiti culture. I felt like there was this big void I had to fill. Bombing and tagging DVDs are everywhere, but there is nothing out there that inspires drawing, sketching and working on your style. These simple initial steps are the foundation to advancing and perfecting your ideas and wild style lettering blueprints for your walls. I love wild style lettering and I just felt I had to share my ideas and techniques with the world. 
I sketched and inked all 26 letters from A to Z. All of the erasing and re-structuring was kept as much as possible within the constraints of the bigger sized DVD I chose to use allowed. With time-lapsed footage in conjunction with normal speed and voice overs made all of the steps I took to come to the final outline visible. I was just glad I was able to make it all fit on one DVD! The bonus footage was also extensive. I added a few simple styles to look at and possibly use in your wild style pieces. I added action painting footage of a few walls you may have seen before. I also have Ces and Serve sketching a few letters of their own. Those sessions were very insightful. It was a great honor to have these 2 style masters understand what I was trying to do and really see and feel the importance of a DVD like this to exist. 
The other and last bonus is “The Eaz Colorizer” The original wild style lettering colorizer software.
BS: What is the Eaz Colorizer? Is it a software tool you use yourself?
Eaz: It is a software idea I have had brewing for quite sometime. I finally had the time and resources to do it! It turned out better than I anticipated and feel it is a tool anyone and everyone can benefit from. Now you can go to a wall and have a greater understanding of what your colors will look like in a wild style lettering format before you even start. I remember a bunch of times I wanted to visualize my colors together in a fast and simple way with the spray paint colors I had available to me. I wanted to finish it up quick so I can utilize it myself! It is simple like I wanted and holds the various color settings between letter transitions the way I envisioned. 

BS: When is it scheduled to be released?
Eaz: By the time you have this interview up Bombing Science should have the first 1000 DVDs on it’s doorstep. Just in time for Christmas!
BS: Your DVDs are great tools for beginners. Do you think more experienced writers would still learn a thing or two from your DVDs?
Eaz: I strongly believe everyone can use these DVDs as inspiration regardless of skill level or years under their belt. I always like to see how someone else paints especially when I like their work. Unless you are a hater I think it is always a cool thing to hear how someone else thinks and approaches their work especially if it is a fellow established writer. I mean when was the last time you heard and saw Ces and Serve delve into their style in such a way? I never have! I was really excited to do the whole alphabet and share my thoughts more than ever, more so than the first DVD. Not to mention “The Eaz Colorizer”… Some never before shit is getting done here. What about everything I covered on the first DVD? If you cant find any value in these DVDs and you call yourself a graffiti writer then you need to commit suicide in my opinion. I made this latest DVD fresh on purpose because I love what I do. I don’t have to do these DVDs. I can always concentrate on myself and just run limited prints and work on canvases, instead I do this and share my work with the world in this manner. I am proud to be the only graffiti artist to date that has done it like this in this manner.

BS: Anything else you would like to add?
Eaz: Stay tuned for part 3. That one is going to be ultra dope too! I am going to stay making DVDS that are prevalent and gain world wide acclaim in graffiti for todays struggling graffiti artist and tomorrow’s pioneers of graffiti. I don’t mind pushing and promoting my work as opposed to pushing myself. I am not trying to be a movie star I am trying to show people the skills that I acquired over the years. Maybe you will see how hard it really is. Maybe you will see how much goes into what I do. Maybe you will see how passionate I am about I do and maybe that will inspire another generation to do what I love to do and they can take that even further than I ever could have. 
I would like to thank all the people that support what I do and I would also like to thank Bombing Science for allowing me to share my headspace! 
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