Bombing Science: Hey Sen, how you doin’?

Sen2: What’s up.

BS: Can you introduce yourself (crews, how many years in the game,etc)?

Sen2: Sen2. I represent 4Burners Crew, Bronx Team, OS Cru (On Style) & ADM Crew Formally TATS CRU.

BS: Where are you originally from? What are your thoughts on your local graffiti scene?

Sen2: I am originally from Cantera Santurce, Puerto Rico. I have been in The Bronx & PuertoRico since the early 80’s so i must say graffiti went from wild style to more of a European style with dimensions and more focus on art & backgrounds.

BS: How did you start writing graffiti, how was it when you started compared to today?

Sen2: I Started my graff career in 1986, Back then graffiti was all street not too many magazines, paint choices, caps or clothing brands. Now it has really been commercialized.

BS: Tell us more about your shop, “Da Bakery” and that clothing line of yours.

Sen2: Da Bakery Shop & Gallery located at 1700 Southern Blvd. in the Bronx opened its doors May 5th 2009. The Shop is owned by my Partner Beond & myself. We decided to open the store because i have done alot of traveling and have made alot of friends worldwide now when they come they have a spot to paint in the bronx along with alot of the local artist. They can come by the shop buy some original gear designed and printed by us as well as graffiti products and paint on our rooftop right next to the #2 and #5 train passing by, shit is really dope. The idea of the store was also to create a platform where we can introduce our brands as independents Sen2 Collection & Beond69 and ofcourse Da Bakery products.

BS: What’s the secret for sucessfully combining graffiti and business?

Sen2: I think as in any business you normally lean to what you enjoy doing and me being in the business of graffiti and design it is just an extension of me being a graffiti artist.

BS: At that point in your graffiti career how do you perceive the illegal way to get up?

Sen2: I personally don’t do it because now you get caught you go to jail and i have a family to think about as well as my business. I don’t like when bombers are on that gang shit and it gets violent but i do enjoy seeing some dope illegal shit passing by on the train cause that is the true essence of graff. In New York it’s very rare though security is tighter in the yards now…

BS: Would you say graffiti helped you connect with people around the world?

Sen2: Most definately, graffiti introduced me to the World. Being from a small town in Puerto Rico i was introduce to the world through my art. I have been to Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Amsterdam, Mexico, Canada to name a few and i have seen and learn how different people of different parts of the world live. I have made many friends throughout my travels and we still stay in touch with each other and i am greatful for that. Some of my graffiti artist friends areOkuda, Dems333, San, Beto, blize 77, Os Gemeos, Daim, Zek, Loomit, Lazoo, Kongo, Sweat, Fibs, Kasp, & Pun18 I can on and on.

BS: What/who are your major sources of influence?

Sen2: I have to say Slick from L.A. was one of my major influences and traveling back & forth from Puerto Rico to the Bronx, N.Y as a kid.

BS: What do you like to do when you’re not painting?

Sen2: Silk Screen printing is my other love though it’s still art related i really enjoy printing my own stuff…

BS: What are your advices for the young people who are just starting out?

Sen2: Follow your dreams, believe in yourselves we are all toys when we start out and keep practicing.

BS: What can we expect from Sen2 for the future?

Sen2: The future for me, working on a deal to open Da Bakery in Madrid Spain, expanding the brand with accesories some cut & sew pieces and definately more gallery work.

BS: Last words?

Sen2: I just want to thank everyone who supported me throughout my life. This Puerto Rican from Cantera Santurce can’t be stopped. QUE PASA!!! SEN TWO….peace