Ironlak has come a long way over the years developing a world famous graffiti brand that resonates with a whole generation of writers. You can tell that the good people behind Ironlak are writers who understand what the community needs. They set off on a mission to provide writers good quality paint for an affordable price and they succeeded and went beyond their mission. The first thing you notice when you grab a can of Ironlak 400 ml paint is the slick branding.


It might not affect your skills and paint quality but it’s still nice to hold a can that looks dope. Also, the limited edition artist cans are always bangers and makes for a cool collectible item. When it comes to the quality of the cans, there are mixed reviews with people complaining about clogging and fading. However, over the years, Ironlak has updated their gear and formulas and these issues are not as common and the overall quality has gone much better. They have over 100 punchy, ultra opaque colours that cover extremely well on any surface. The paint comes out very thick, almost like a layer of liquid plastic. The paint has a very high concentration of pigments which comes out smoothly and covers straight from the first layer. The variable pressure valve on the Ironak cans is also very well designed as it allows you to have a wide range of pressure from high to very low. Overall, with Ironlak, you get more for less. They might not be the highest quality cans on the market but for the price, you are getting some really good quality paint in a spray-can which is fun to use.


Ironlak Reload is the 600ml, high pressure tall-boy version of the most poppin’ bombing colours from the regular Ironlak line. The coverage powers as well as the pigment quality have been slightly updated to accommodate the true purpose of these bad-boys. You can achieve maximum destruction with a few flicks of the wrist when dealing with Reload cans. To make things better, it comes with the new Cyclone cap by Ironlak that allows you max coverage in very little time. Everything about these cans is appealing, from the branding to the price. For anyone looking to go big and to do it fast, these are right on the money.


So when Ironlak came out with decent paint for really cheap, everyone was stoked. After a while, people got spoiled and used to it and now writers are complaining again that paint is too expensive. Well thank god Ironlak came through once more, providing an even cheaper paint which still holds a high quality standard. Kolour Paint has a range of 23 high opacity gloss acrylic Kolours that won’t break the bank. Simple and effective, Kolour delivers a variable pressure can that allows you to spray a lot and pay a little. The paint covers well and the colours are surprisingly poppy. I won’t say it’s at the level of the more high-end brands but it sure does the trick. For those who are not concerned with the highest quality and longevity of their work, this is a great alternative that will let you have tons of fun for very little money.

Review by Stan