I write MOTICK and I have a little more than 20 years doing graffiti, I started 1997. I love drawing since I was able to use a pencil or something, as I was growing up I learned painting, sculpting and illustration techniques, I love the procedure of creating, but one day I see some paintings in a wall and i said woooahhh thats spectacular, interesting and cool, whats this?? So I started paying attentionto the streets, there were very few things to look at and there is no way to get information, no book , no internet, no magazines, nothing but the streets, so I buy some cans in the hardware store and try it as another painting technique but I realize it was very tuff, so my curiosity grows because i can’t dominate this technique like the others and i don’t have any idea what does that shapes means (letters). I meet some guys in the school who thought me some stuff but wrong info, but that was enough to me to make me fall in love. Once I understand and perform it I said this is something I want to live for! Every time is an adventure, every time is live things to the limit, astonishment, scare, overcoming, knowledge, aesthetic and a lot of things that make me focus my energy into this. This infinite universe named graffiti for me is freedom an i will continue doing it until I breathe, I simply enjoy it, no matter where, no matter who, I just enjoy it, thats my only pay. 

My style predominantly simple letters with a lot of movement, caricature and thick strokes, maybe I can define it as a playful style, in the beginnings I focused on getting my typography achieved a certain identity or personality but sometimes my mood or madness takes over of me and I just write my name and have fun, its always interesting sees whats the result. I keep learning every day and I do not stay in a single visual treatment but I try to achieve that the form of my letters or style always prevails. i always try to leave something that complies with my vision of aesthetics and composition and balance. 

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