Narc, born in Belgium raised in Montréal, has been doing graffiti since 2002. He ‘s been rolling with a couples of crews like FB, RUN and DEL, mainly reppin’ CA(Crazy Apes) for the last couples of years.

BombingScience: What’s good Narc? Been painting lately?

Narc: I’m painting tomorrow. Take off the rust of a slowly year.

BSCI: I can see your english ain’t getting better, esti d’belge. What does Narc stand for?

Narc: When I started doing graffiti I was writing Narko, which is a french expression for bastard (ko-nar). After a while trying and failing to get a nice O, I just decided to switch de K for a C and take out the O. I love the connotation of being a cop too, lol.

BSCI: What were you about back in 2002-03? What has changed since, on a personal and on a more general note?

Narc: In 2002-2003, I was finishing school and I was going to begin my art studies in college. Internet wasn’t so present and I was a big fan of punk music. It was during a hardcore show at l’X that Kemoe and I met for the first time. We started our first crew (NLP) like real toys.
Maybe it is because I was younger and knew less writers, but I found the scene to be much more peaceful.

BSCI:  Rumor has it that you used to be a heavy user of psychotropic drugs like fungus and LSD. Whats up with that?

Narc: I can let you answer this one.

BSCI: Good times. Quantity or quality?

Narc: I’d say both, but right now I’m a busy grown man, so I try to pull more quality because I don’t have time to get quantity.

BSCI: I was talking about LSD. Montréal is known for its though winters, and yet a lot of writers keep busy during the cold months. What about you?

Narc: I used to be active during the winter but not so much anymore. During a really cold night (around -22C) I was in the train yard without good gloves or boots, trying to finish this ugly burner. The paint was spiting everywhere, jamming the tips and dripping as hell. Total bitch. After having paint in the eye I decided to go to the Tim Horton’s and at this moment my finger was burning as hell, it created a blister and after a week my skin fell. I lost almost all sensitive sence on my finger.
So now, I prefer sketching in a warm place with a nice cup of whiskey and a good record playing in the back.

BSCI: How was your winter status when you had more time on your hands(and all your fingers)?

Narc: One good thing with Montreal winters is all those snow walls, covering some sketchy summer spot to become some super safe wall. I have never been super up in the street but winter wasn’t a stop for me.

BSCI: Do you think summer will give you a lil boost on some cocaine bump boogie?

Narc: For sure. I’ve got so many ideas I wanna try. We are planning to go paint in other cities and I’d love to go back in Europe this summer for a couples of weeks.

with Otek.

BSCI: What is your opinion on writers that wear tight jeans and Air Max 90s?

Narc: Same thing as for those who rock Wu Wear. If your cool with me I’m cool with you.

BSCI: My boy Killa-Ef rocks a lot of Wu Wear. I recently gave him all my 2xl Ecko too.

Narc: Yeah. He is also big with LSD. Les Ptis Comiques.

BSCI: I spent some jail time with this guy Johste KP10s last year. He is also down with Les Ptis Comiques, no?

Narc: Yep. The real Gros Gunny…

BSCI: What is an ideal painting session?

Narc: Sunny but not too warm, a good wall with grass, a good BBQ, lot of beers and of course painting and playing with real cool cats.

BSCI: Beers, huh? I heard they got some good ones in Belgium.

Narc: No kidding! I use to live in the 1000 of Brussels next to all those crazy bars, everyday was a good excuse to go out and drink ’till 5 in the morning and hitting the snack-bar and getting a mitraillette for breakfast.
I guess Brussels still got some of my puke stains on their streets haha.

BSCI: I heard this guy Soma is also from Belgium, and he’s known for getting smashed.

Narc: Soma is walking in the good way to get a real mook legend status!

BSCI: Good wall partners?

Narc: For me a good partner need to love talking and make jokes cause I speak a lot and I sing (badly) when I paint! Someone who’s not just thinking of his part of the wall but more of the result.

with Sohoe

BSCI: Influences?

Narc: So many. I’m influenced of course by the other guys in the crew, sometimes you will find the same arrow or the same uni on 2 different pieces on the same wall haha.
I’m really digging the work from guys like Nychos, Sueme, Kem5, Stare, 123klan, my friends from UNC, CSX and many, many more. There’s so much talented people.

BSCI: You used to do a lot of contract jobs? Whats up with that nowadays?

Narc: I still do it but I’m just more selective about the choice of my contract. If I cannot do my piece I don’t do it.

BSCI: What are your views on the globalization of graffiti, like artists doing shows and contracts in different countries and cities?

Narc: I think it depends on the peoples but for me if you got talent and you’re a hard worker you deserve to get some recognition. And it’s sad but street cred doesn’t bring butter on the table.

BSCI:  It def brings competition on the table. Does it also raise the bar?

Narc: Of course! And it’s a good thing, personally I’ve learned a lot of things talking and painting with artists from other cities. It’s cool that now everybody’s opened to the world, I find it amazing that I can go in another country or another continent and be able to find cool peeps with who I can drink booze and paint walls without too much trouble.


Narc: Lol. I bailed! I copped some big steaks and grilled that bloody meat with some neighbors enjoying PBRs on the balcony.

Big up to all my boys: My cats in Crazy Apes, my old friend Soma, my juggalos from Jugga Lee and, Killa-EF and the rest of Mook-life, Spyro, Skillz, Johnny Lightning, RUN, HSP, KP10, XOC, Macho, Stix and all the FRIME TEAM.

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