Sup, my name is Noser, a Dutch based urban artist. I’ve been writing since 2005. I started out doing tags on skateramps, trash bins and under bridges by the age of 14. Later on I started doing pieces, both legal and illegal, mainly with my good friend and crewmate Serl. In 2008, our crew CNS was founded, counting 7 members. In the early days I was mainly influenced by older local writers like Iraso, Snare and Furious, until i discovered the overload of writers over the world on the internet. I was heavily influenced by the clean and tight pieces of Berlin based graffiti artist Raws, the creative styles of the Sobekcis brothers, the popart influenced graffiti of Pose MSK, and many more artists. With knowledge I gained from observing other writers I created my distinguishable, simplistic and clean style. The style seems very simple, but is rock solid. Im always trying to reach to a certain quality standard. And when I have accomplished this standard, I’m very driven to reach to a new one. And so, I’m constantly Creating New Standards. Make sure you stay tuned, there’s lots of cool stuff to come…

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