RESAK – I’ve been painting for a long time but I think I take it seriously since 2008.
The writer who has influenced me the most was Renkor since I was lucky to sponsor me. That was at a time when most of my friends I started painting with as a child left graffiti. I admired him, I loved his style and he taught me many of the things that I know today. I was also influenced by writers like Sea162, Lama or C8b`s crew.
I also learn a lot from my friends like Zeng, Feor, Wios, Saves, Sast or Wist among others that I admire.
Always in my area, the predominant style has been Wildstyle. It has always freaked me out and when I started, it was my goal.
Over time I started to be attracted by simpler styles and of course, accustomed to Wildstyle, it was difficult for me. I highly appreciate the versatility and I don’t like to be repetitive, that’s why I try to bring something new to each piece and forge my own style. Also, I try to nurture it from other artistic fields external to graffiti.
I believe that more than where you are, it is where you are going. And it’s the graffiti the one that has made me leave from my comfort zone to travel and paint in countries like England, France, Budapest, Portugal, Spain, Thailand, Kosovo, Belgium and Netherlands among others.

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