I decided to try out the low pressure paint which came with a blue dot soft cap which work great on the low pressure Flame Paint.


The paint I picked out was the low pressure can. I found that the low pressure can do have a great valve system, the pressure is low as stated on the can, and the valve was easy to manage. However, the paint did have an over spray which made it extremely tiring and stressful…. The cans worked great with all my caps, especially with the gold dots..


The coverage was really good.  The light greens had no coverage issues, which meant  I only had to do one coat. The rest also did a great job. The colors came out just as the cap indicated which was awesome.  The color pigment was thick, which is a good thing, but I did find myself spraying out the gunk before I started painting…


My conclusion is that Flame paint worked okay.  I would recommend the low pressure if you are not doing a detailed piece. If you planning on doing a detailed piece, make sure that you have enough paint to cut to make it look clean.. Thanks again Flame Paint and Bombing Science.