I had an impressive experience using Flame Paint from start to finish. I never had a problem with gunk getting a can started. The valve system on the can is buttery and responsive to pressure. I gave to caps the cans came with a test and thought they were decent, but I pretty much always stick to using universals and NY fats. The universals and NY fats worked flawlessly with Flame. I was especially impressed with the low-pressure cans. I was able to get thin clean lines without the overspray you get with MTN 94 at times. 

Colors used: Flame Blue – Zinc Yellow, Melon Yellow, Pastel Orange, Telemagenta, Traffic Purple, Grape, and Viola Dark. Flame Orange – Riviera and Kiwi Light. (In addition to Flame I did use a few grays, few browns, a white and a black of other brands of paint.)


The colors popped! Man, they are vibrant. I think I was most impressed with the Telemagenta (hot magenta). For how bright the color is, it covered perfectly. I was also a big fan of Riviera (bright aqua) and Viola Dark (blurple). Riviera was another bright color that covered well and Viola Dark is just straight up strong. I will definitely be using Viola Dark as an outline color for many pieces to come. Grape (lavanderish) covered flawlessly and has great color to it. Kiwi Light, again, covered well and has nice pop. Traffic Purple (plum) came out a little more on the pastel side than I was expecting, but still a good color that covered incredibly well. I will say the Melon Yellow (medium yellow) and Pastel Orange didn’t cover super well (had to use two coats, but I was also covering brown). The Zinc Yellow (light yellow) covered better, but still nothing special. With that being said – those are my only complaints in my experience with Flame. The only unanswered question I have now is weather (below average pun…) or not it lasts.


Overall, I’m a huge fan of this paint! I was blown away by the vibrancy and richness of the colors without sacrificing coverage. The valve system on the low-pressure cans have been the best I have used. Really glad I was able to give it a try and will definitely be ordering more in the near future – going to stock up on that Viola Dark, Telemagenta, and Riviera, as well as, try out some other blues and greens.
Thank you Bombing Science and Molotow!
– Romes FYO