Welcome to the June edition of our official Sketch Battle!

This battle will be judged by the one and only Geser 3A! Here's what he has to say about this battle:

"It's an honor to be the judge of this month's Bombing Science sketch battle!
Graffiti has always been about solid letter structure and style.   Smoke and mirrors will be checked at the door for this battle, leaving the letters to speak for themselves."


Word to Sketch: "VAKUM"

* Strictly Black ink/marker, pencil.  NO COLOR ALLOWED !
* No Characters 
* All sketches on white paper only. 


Sketches will be judged on:
* Letter structure and style
* Balance & flow 
* Unity 
* Originality



This month battle is sponsored by Molotow. You already know their top quality markers and spray paint! Thanks Molotow for supporting this battle!

1st Prize
– $100 in Molotow products
– $75 Bombing Science gift certificate

2nd Prize
– $50 in Molotow products
– $50 Bombing Science gift certificate

3rd Prize:
– $25 Bombing Science Gift Certificate



Deadline: June 26 2016

Submit your sketch to [email protected]. Rename your file name with your artist name (example: artist-name.jpg).

Accepted file extensions: JPEG, GIF, PNG


Good luck to all!