Skor’s Flame Paint Review!


What was used :
ACRYLIC (Flame Blue): Flat black, Pure white, Melon yellow, Signal yellow, Vanilla, aqua and aqua light.  

SYNTHETIC (Flame Orange): Zinc yellow.

Caps used for piece: Skinny pro, universal outline, pink dot and ny fat.

Also did a quick cap test with all caps I had which are all common caps and all of them worked on Molotow Flame except for Rusto fat and this other cap I have no clue what it is (Looks like a old mtn94 cap but white white black dot)

Pros :

Dope matte colors,
Nice flat black,
Sensitive precise valve,
Fits most common caps,
Not too smelly

Cons :

Cans Seemed to run empty a tad faster. When stomped to squeeze a bit more out of the can   (always helpful) it seemed there wasn’t much paint if any at all,
Pure White could cover a tad more as it is a key color.
Stock cap is not best suited for use (soft cap) I would of prefered A universal type cap,
Limited color choices in the Synthetic high pressure line,

My idea was to go with yellows  hoping to may be find a miracle one that was opaque. So, It covered decent – but no miracles… I’d say its up to par with most other yellows out there. It fumed well for gradients and  didn’t get too fummy when cleaning close (decent clean  lines when worked properly). 

I also had one synthetic zinc yellow (High pressure) with a stock cap that came out heavy like an  astro cap – it went well to fade my gradient. But then  I used a skinny pro to clean and was quite precise considering its High presure.

For the Aqua’s in my 3d they were nice and opaque juicy colors! Just how I like em! Spot on.


Finaly, I had to go with the black and white because they are classics!
*I depressurized off both before using – to help minimizing fumes and cleaner lines.
What I seemed to notice with the flat black was it was a nice « true » black : opaque and black  (Unlike, belton’s black that seems to have a hint of green into it). It covered over all my colors very well. It made crispy clean outlines that for the most part did not require any cleaning.

White was for highlights cause white Highlights are the bomb! It worked well, didn’t dust off white fumes much. However I tried filling in a small space to see how well it covered over darker colors and it wasnt the most opaque.

My overall experience with the Molotow Flame was very nice.It’s not perfect, but other brands aren’t neither. It’s reliable, didnt clog or felt like it wanted to. Good feel and has a precise spray output. Nice color palet. As I was picking my colors at the Bombing science HQ , I wanted to try all the colors since the color top on the cans where all nice and  bright! 
In summary, I’d have no problems painting with it on a regular basis. It feels right and I will for sure want to try out other colors in the near futur! If they can upgrade their color choices with Synthetic High pressure that would be a big plus as well. 

Thanks to for the opportunity!