Interview by L. Coupal

Bombing Science: Stack, what’s good? What are you doing later today? 

Stack: Gonna try to finish this Slick Rick canvas for the vernissage maybe get some indian food with my mom and if im not too tired fly a few heads at Fight Night 4 online.
BS: Tell us about where you’re from.
Stack: Born in Montreal. grew up Downtown/Plateau and hung out in Mile End alot cos that’s were all my friends lived.

BS: Do you go by only one name? 
Stack: actually Im tryin to bring Mersh back…im having more fun with that name handstyle wise these days…I got a bunch of other names too but people mostly call me Stack.. or Bee if they’ve known me since highschool.
BS: You’ve seen Montreal graffiti crews come and go. Why is JKR still around, and still up?

Stack: Because Zeck and me kept it alive. The older JKR dudes pretty much all stopped writing so it was on us to keep it going, we also threw a few new dudes down to keep the oldest montreal graffiti crew going…next summer the crew turns 18 years old we might have to get it drunk and take it to a strip club..aye!..okaye!

BS: Is graffiti boring now? 
Stack: For me it gets boring sometimes so I leave it alone for a while but always come back to it eventually…as a whole, graffiti is not and could never be boring though.
BS: What/who inspires you?

Stack: Lotta people/stuff…these days, Ray Patin, all the 1950’s animation, listening to Nirvana or Birthday Sex by my man Jeremiah (n/h), Charles Bukowski, mid 80’s skateboard graphics..even though everyone is raping them now, the Jon One canvas with all the tags are ill…or just being downtown and lookin at all the bugged out people is enough inspiration to last me 10 lifetimes

BS:  What’s your favorite place in the world? Where have you seen the strongest graffiti?
Stack: New York has the best graffiti…or they did in the early 90s when I was coming up..nowadays it’s a bit wishy washy but it’s still the graffiti mecca…it goes without saying that Montreal is also a contender for dopest graff city, alot of people with talent and dedication here. I heard Rome is destroyed too, I might have to check that out.
BS:  Are your fine arts styles different from your graffiti styles?
Stack: I got one or two canvas that are straight up graff but overall I try to stay away from that and do something different.
BS:  Can we expect anything from the STACK ZECK DFEK & SHOK artshow?
Stack: You can expect alot! it’s my first time doing something like this so im amped..Zeck is gonna murder it per usual, Shok showed me some of his stuff for the show and it’s very ill, havnt seen any of the Dfek stuff yet but I know he’s bringin the colors. plus Instock boutique is a really nice place smack dab in the middle of the city right next door to where I use to go play Street Fighter 2 as a youth (RIP Café Champion).

BS:  Any last words, promo, beef, shout outs?
Stack: Last words? dont be a mook…come to the show, ya hump…oh yea, shout out to Basta..and Instock, Sagewondah and my man Naes from Pays Play…BIG shout to my mom for being the strongest woman I know and holdin me down with the letracet and gold paint. shout out to Ramodos and Buns burgers (you better aks somebody) and to the cops who gave me a ticket for sitting in the park with a beer?……eat a diiiiiiiiiick!