I write WOEM, yes it’s meow backwards. Fancy that. There’s a story behind it but I’ll try to keep this short. I was born and raised in North Carolina. I started writing around the tender young age of 12, loosely on paper with markers and such just doing tags around town. Finally picked up paint a couple years later, it’s been almost 25 years now spraying paint while staring at walls or trains. 

I represent TFL/LORDS Crew and ESAY/SA. Early on I definitely always loved seeing all the crazy foreign writers like Daim and Loomit while cutting the Graflix pages out of the Source at the newsstand. I always enjoyed Ewok, Cope, and Totem early on, they were heavy in those graflix pages. I wouldn’t say my style was heavily influenced by any one particular style. Being from NC during that time there wasn’t a lot of Graff in general or much to go from which I think was nice. It took longer to progress but forced you to put in the work. This was pre-internet for me. My style just came from trial and error and obviously picking up elements from magazines and such. I believe we are all influenced and I like to think my style/styles have been developed through influence, into a style of its own. I like more what I call modern wild styles. Love the old-school wild styles as well but the super technical-looking pieces I have always gravitated towards. 

These days I admire the effort and time people put into this thing of ours more than just styles, not to say style is lacking whatsoever. Some people just go and have been going hard for so long that’s something to admire in itself. Kwest, Geser and Ouija definitely fall into that category. There are so many dope styles out there these days that it makes it difficult to remember everyone so I’ll still with the tried and true classics for me. I love so much stuff my crew mates push out as well but I’m sure they know that no matter how much shit I give them. We have such a versatile crew with so many dope styles and abilities. DAZE, PERVE, WINS, RELM, CELM, JEKS ZONE, GENA, FOWL, and the list goes on. 

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