Posted by newz12 2 hours ago
Montréal bombing
Exactly what you would expect from a Montréal update: nasty bombing and tags! Enjoy...
Posted by newz12 1 day ago
Berlin update
17 new pictures from Berlin for today's update!
Posted by newz12 2 days ago
Bogota (14 pictures)
South American styles, from the largest city of Columbia: Bogota.
Posted by newz12 3 days ago
Montréal update (10 pics)
Street bombing from up North...
Posted by newz12 4 days ago
Toronto (17 pictures)
Graff pics from the T.Dot on the menu today!
Posted by newz12 5 days ago
In addition to our Indonesian update today, here are a few walls by Tuts (Jakarta). Mad skills from Southeast Asia!
Posted by newz12 6 days ago
Graffiti is spreading fast in Asia and the Indonesian graffiti scene is booming! Check all the pictures we are received from Bandung, Yogyakarta and Jakarta...
Posted by newz12 6 days ago
Bizarre Beyond Belief #12
Back again with another issue guaranteed not to disappoint, with 124 pages of stunning visuals from 9 different features. BBB Issue number 12 is jam-packed with all sorts of ocular goodies. Composing of articles on "This is Not a Toy" and "Crowded Kingdom" exhibitions and interviews from RAOS, POSER, Justin Bower, Rusto, Rubin415, Winnie Truong and Ben Frost, we're as pleased with this issue as you will be.
Posted by newz12 7 days ago
Windy City walls update!
Posted by newz12 7 days ago
Montréal update
10 Graffiti pictures from our hometown, Montréal!
Posted by newz12 8 days ago
ATT - DC5 wall in Chicago painted by Greve, Asend, Rapes, Scribe,  Jash,  Woes and Cove.
Posted by newz12 8 days ago
World Update
Pictures from around the world that were submitted to us...
Posted by newz12 10 days ago
Paris street action
Good ol' bombing update from the City of Lights...
Posted by newz12 11 days ago
Seoul street bombing
Street bombing update from Seoul, South Korea.
Posted by newz12 12 days ago
New York City
Daily update: NYC walls and bombing!
Posted by newz12 13 days ago
Aka6 taking over Saint-Petersburg...
Posted by newz12 13 days ago
Toronto (11 walls)
Plenty of new walls from the T Dot...
Posted by newz12 14 days ago
Tokyo Bombing
Tokyo bombing update...
Posted by newz12 14 days ago
Garbage Beauty in NYC
The Garbage Beauty crew did their thing in the Big Apple...
Posted by newz12 15 days ago
Berlin streets
Ill update from one of the most bombed city in the world: Berlin.

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