Posted by newz12 15 hours ago
Zek X Flame Paint
Zek 156 JKR is testing the Flame Paint!
Posted by newz12 1 day ago
International update
20 new graffiti pictures, from Caracas to Amsterdam...
Posted by thierry 2 days ago
Cens DBS
Featured this morning on Bombing Science: Cens DBS from Ottawa, Canada.
Big props for that Robin Williams tribute!
Posted by newz12 3 days ago
Montréal bombing
Love the Montréal bombing scene! Check these pictures to see our fair city has to offer...
Posted by newz12 3 days ago
Bogota (22 pics)
Today have a some fresh graffitis from South America ---> Bogota, Colombia!
Posted by newz12 5 days ago
Miami (16 pics)
16 new graffiti pics from Miami, Florida...
Posted by newz12 6 days ago
Teel One interview
Interview with Teel One MUL, the man behind the Modern Urban Legends comic book.
Posted by newz12 6 days ago
World Update (20 pictures)
Many new pictures from America, Europe and Asia. Thanks to all who sent in pictures!
Posted by newz12 7 days ago
New graff update, from the Windy city!
Posted by newz12 8 days ago
Test the Flame Paint (Free!)
We are looking for writers around the USA and Canada to test the Flame Paint!
Posted by newz12 8 days ago
Toronto update
Toronto update with 19 new graffiti pics!
Posted by thierry 9 days ago
The Raekwon Font by Killa Ef
HD Visions: The Raekwon Font by Killa-Ef.
Posted by newz12 9 days ago
Berlin (22 pictures)
22 new graffiti pictures from Berlin...
Posted by newz12 10 days ago
Miami update
Fact: Miami Midtown has more graffiti per square-foot than anywhere else in the world.
Posted by newz12 11 days ago
Bizarre Beyond Belief #14
Features include a recap of NXNE Art 2014, interviews with fine-artists Greg Gossel & Jaybo Monk, and graffiti artists OGRE, GRIS ONE, APER, Mr. WANY and SABER [MSK/AWR].
Posted by newz12 11 days ago
Amsterdam (11 pics)
Yesterday Tokyo, today we got graffiti pics from Amsterdam. Enjoy!
Posted by newz12 12 days ago
Tokyo Shutters #2
When the shutters go down in Tokyo, we go out to take pictures...
Posted by newz12 13 days ago
Split (11 pics)
We have uploaded 11 new pics from Split, for your viewing pleasure! Awesome styles, by writers coming from around the world.
Posted by newz12 14 days ago
Detroit update
Motown graffiti update! From chaos, they create beauty. See by yourself...
Posted by thierry 14 days ago
Montreal villain Kos YKW, we miss you! Big S/O for dropping more then 30 pictures in the mailbox! Airbrush, walls, sketches and tattoos on the menu.

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