Posted by newz12 2 hours ago
MTL bombing
Raw Montréal street bombing and a couple of walls... enjoy!
Posted by newz12 1 day ago
Dre X Flame Paint
We gave some Flame Paint can to Dre, check what he thinks of that paint...
Posted by newz12 1 day ago
Chicago update
Walls and more graffiti walls from the beautiful city of Chicago...
Posted by thierry 2 days ago
Jam Lachine 2014
Jam Lachine 2014 photos after the jump!
Posted by newz12 2 days ago
Toronto (22 pics)
Large update from Toronto today! Check all the new pics...
Posted by thierry 2 days ago
Toronto artist Jarus creating his second installation for the 2014 Wall Therapy program in Rochester, NY. Video after the jump...
Posted by thierry 2 days ago
Molotow Showroom 03
New Molotow Showroom zine is available online and for download. Featuring some new products to come cool !
Posted by newz12 3 days ago
Meeting of Styles Chicago
The walls from the Meeting of Styles event in Chicago...
Posted by newz12 3 days ago
Spain (17 pics)
Here are 17 new graffiti pictures from the south-eastern part of Spain...
Posted by thierry 4 days ago
Pick - Slovakia
Huge feature with Pick straight outta Slovakia!
Train post to follow this week.
Posted by newz12 4 days ago
Worldwide Graffiti
Worldwide graffiti update! From Brasil to Halifax...
Posted by newz12 5 days ago
Berlin (18 pics)
18 new bombing pics from Berlin...
Posted by thierry 5 days ago
Check this film-portrait on french graffiti and tattoo artist Fuzi UV TPK.
Posted by thierry 5 days ago
Weekly Fix II
For this week's update : Moses & Taps, Geser x Bacon, Tilt, and more! Stay tuned, and send us your work ;)
Posted by newz12 6 days ago
Amsterdam (12 pics)
12 new pics from Amsterdam!
Posted by newz12 7 days ago
San Francisco Trucks
11 painted trucks found in the SF streets...
Posted by newz12 8 days ago
Cleveland (14 pics)
The Rust-Belt = lot of abandonned buildings = the perfect graffiti playground. Simple math!
Posted by thierry 9 days ago
HOP 2014
Ottawa's House of Paint jam was once again a great gathering. Great success! Here's a few pictures of the finished walls.
Posted by newz12 9 days ago
Paris (19 pics)
Today we have almost twenty new pics from Paris, France, both street action and walls. Enjoy!
Posted by thierry 10 days ago
Swamp Funk
Makes you wanna visit New Orleans! This video shows how they be getting up in Louisiana. Featuring Meck9 x Uter x Dmote

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