The battle is over and the results are in! Here are the winners as selected by Naks SDK:

1st Place: PAS
This is an example of classic graffiti to me and spoke to me right away. He executed his submission flawlessly from the Tag to the character. His letters were clean, legible, and had lots of movement. Colors were on point and the character was classic. Congrats on first place!

2nd Place: Barnes
The Second place winner had a vicious letter style and great movement . I loved how it was legible but semi wild at the same time . To me this is one of the hardest but most important things to master in style writing.  The extensions and notches all added a nice touch and were well calculated nicely. Well done and congrats !

3rd Place: Lalit Mourya
Less is more ! In my opinion this beautiful piece of calligraphy had more power to it than most of the submissions I received. This piece did not need characters or fancy colors to place in the top 3 for me. Sometimes a nice legible tag or handstyle can outshine a colorful wildstyle piece and in This case did so. This calligraphy style could also be used as a graphic logo it is so good! Congrats!


Thanks to all who participated and to our sponsors, Ephin and Cariboo Brewing.

You can see all the entries right here:

Sketch Battle